is a lightweight device that protects the whole drivetrain in commercial/military vehicles from failure/breakage.


Driveshafts   /  Half Shafts   /   Axles   /  Gearbox
U-Joints     /     CV Joints     /     Differential     /     



A twisted (or broken tube) shows excessive load or undersized shaft. Stock tubes are usually very weak.

Sheared Tube​

A tear in the tube can be caused by something rubbing on the shaft creating stress risers. 

Broken U-Joint

This is usually a result of excessive angles, shock load or poor quality.

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Circumferential Crack

This causes twisted tubes - warning sign are cracks in the paint or scaling of the surface oxide.

Broken Weld

Can be caused by a defective weld, over-heated weld, or even inconsistent properties in the tube.

Broken Spline

A broken spline can happen because of excessive load, fatigue failure, shock load or a defective part. 

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